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Children and Youth Issues (8)
Assisting Reviewers with assessing CSO’s Aboriginal Cultural Competence, Victoria ACCO Strategic Planning Sessions and Strategic Plan – Child Protection EMR Indigenous Youth Health and Wellbeing Services Forum and Recommendations Report Indigenous Youth Access Forum and Report ‘The Line’ Social Marketing Campaign - concept testing research - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander components of The Line Project Spotlight on Safety part 2: Aboriginal Attitudes to Child Protection, Foster Care and Parenting EMR Indigenous Early Childhood Forum Development and delivery of Indigenous Young Women’s Family Violence Camp (2 sessions)
Early Years Projects (5)
Review of the Gippsland Aboriginal Best Start Program Develop a Victorian Aboriginal Early Years Strategy (0-8 years) Aboriginal Best Start 3 Year Partnership Agreement and Workshops New Directions Program for Mother’s of Aboriginal Babies Program Review of the Delkaia Aboriginal Best Start Partnership Agreement, Horsham
Research on Social, Youth Justice and Legal Issues (8)
Evaluation of the Warrnambool Circuit Koori Court – Barwon South West Region Male Adolescent at Risk Program (MARP) Koori-specific strategy Review of the Indigenous Law Students and Lawyers Association of Victoria Review of the Indigenous Bail Justice Program Evaluation of Victorian Problem Gambling Services for Indigenous and CALD communities Evaluation of the Better Pathways Strategy – Expand the Aboriginal mentoring Program for Indigenous female offenders Review of the Regional Aboriginal Justice Advisory Committee (RAJAC) Network Review of Indigenous People’s Access to Legal Assistance and Services in Victoria
Drug and Alcohol Programs (8)
Data Inventory Document review – Indigenous component for Local Government ADF Strategy for the provision of Drug Information Services to people who work with Indigenous communities Business Plan for the South Coast Aboriginal Women’s and Children’s Healing Centre, Nowra, NSW Evaluation of the AH&MRC Sexual / Reproductive Health and Hep C Campaigns, NSW Review of the Victorian HIV, Hepatitis C and STI Strategies Evaluation of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People’s Complementary Action Plan 2003-2009 (CAP) – addressing the misuse of alcohol and other drugs by Indigenous people Research Study Project: Enablers and Barriers to Indigenous Drug Users’ Access to Needle and Syringe Programs Prevention of alcohol-related harms in Victoria’s Koori communities – suite of reports and fact sheets (Prevention Research Quarterly, April 2009)
Health Programs and Planning (27)
Aboriginal Disability – Close the Gap Project Indigenous Engagement Project Aboriginal Health Workforce Development Workshop, Forums and Reports Aboriginal Food Security Program and workshops Aboriginal Community Consultations Report Close the Gap Stakeholders Workshop and Report (Mildura Close the Gap) Aboriginal Services Plan SCTT 2012 Revision Aboriginal Wellbeing Project (service coordination tool) Closing the Health Gap - Community Workshops and Report Improving the Patient Experience Program – Pilot Project MC for the Improving Patient Care for Aboriginal people Conference in Melbourne, Victoria Aboriginal Health Worker Forum (Outcomes Report) Aboriginal Health Promotion and Chronic Care workshops and reports Community Health Plan (Consultations and Report) Indigenous Audit of Programs and Services (consultations and report) Aboriginal Health Promotion & Chronic Care workshops and reports Koori Health and Leadership Program and Workshops Evaluation of the Closing the Gaps in Health Outcomes initiative in Victoria Adult Health Assessment Project Review of the Public Health Medical Officers Program New England Substance Misuse Project Future of Indigenous Health Training for GP Registrars National Medicare Access Study Clinical Services Redesign Project – Aboriginal Chronic Care NSW Promotion of Emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing in Koori Communities Program Evaluation of the Healthy for Life Program Aboriginal SEWB Worker and Health Worker Forum and Report, Tooleybuc, NSW
Family Violence Projects (13)
Evaluation of the NSW Certificate IV Aboriginal Family Health (Family Violence, sexual assault and child protection) National Survey on domestic violence and sex offender programs. Develop and delivery of Indigenous Women’s Family Violence Camp (4 sessions) Establish the Boorndawan Willam Indigenous Healing Service (Eastern Metro Region - Melbourne) Develop service model and implementation plan for Indigenous Healing Service A Review of the Responsiveness of the Family Violence Court Intervention Project to the needs of the Indigenous Community Operational Guidelines for Victoria’s Indigenous Family Violence Action Groups Policy and Advocacy Advice, Volunteers Policy and Procedures manual and workshops Practice Standards for Family Violence Counselling and Support Programs for Women and Children in Victoria Research Project on Indigenous Parenting and Child Protection Aboriginal Family Services Forum – eastern metro Melbourne (workshops and report) Indigenous Audit of Programs & Services (consultations and report) Develop Service Model and Implementation Plan for Yoowinna Wurnalung Healing Service (East Gippsland
Housing Research (5)
Indigenous Access and Vulnerability Forum and Report Leaving Care Housing and Support Initiative - Statewide Indigenous Capacity Building Initiative MC for the Indigenous Housing Conference in Victoria Victorian Indigenous Housing Workshop and Report Evaluation of the Better Pathways Strategy – Dedicated supported housing for Indigenous women on Bail - Mildura and Shepparton Transitional Housing Program
Economic Development, Tourism, Education and Employment Projects (7)
Aboriginal Mentoring Development Project Flexible Learning Activities & Learn scope projects – engaging Indigenous learners in Vic Potential Business Case – Aboriginal Tourism Indigenous Career Development Strategy (Wur-cum barra) for the Victorian public sector Business Development Workshop and Action Plan Advice on Indigenous Employment strategy and mentoring program Evaluation of the Wurreker Strategy (Consultations, Research and Report)
Natural Resource Management, Native Title and Cultural Heritage (10)
Indigenous Heritage Study – Community consultation project Policies and Procedures Manual Strategic Plan and workshops Land, Biodiversity and Fire - Indigenous Interests relating to land and biodiversity consultations, Workshops and Final Report Native Title Representative Bodies Client Satisfaction Survey – national Review of the Indigenous Partnership Strategy River Red Gum Forests Investigation (Part One and Part Two) Exploring Indigenous Jobs Prospects in Primary Industries Research Project Develop the Indigenous Partnership Framework Indigenous Policy and Strategy
Training Development and delivery for Mainstream Stakeholders (5)
Aboriginal Community Issues for Victoria Benefits for vulnerable children participating in quality early years services Aboriginal Community Issues in the Eastern Metro Melbourne region Policy and Partnership Program (deliver 30 sessions) Aboriginal service delivery issues
Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training Programs (Development & Delivery) (12)
Leadership Program and Aboriginal Cultural Respect Training Program (design, develop and deliver 30 sessions) Leadership Program and Policy and Partnership Program (design, develop and deliver 30 sessions) Design, Develop and Delivery of Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Program Deliver for staff and management of Transfield Services Australia, National Design, Develop and Delivery of Module on Effects of Colonisation Training Workshop Training Program (deliver 3 sessions) Delivery of 7 Cultural Awareness Traninig sessions for emergency relief providers in regional NSW Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Program Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training for NSW WorkCover staff (20 sessions) Cultural Awareness Training Sessions for new recruits Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Program (500 sessions between 1995 and 1998)
Governance Development & Community Development Training (Aboriginal Workforce) (7)
Improving Hospitals in Culture (Training on Policy development and quality assurance practices) for Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officers – National project Community Development and Planning Training for Aboriginal workers in the Victorian Government Governance training and decision making workshops Governance training & decision making workshops Governance training and decision-making workshops Governance and Operations Management Victorian Indigenous Leadership Conference Report
Aged Care and HACC (4)
Develop the HACC Gippsland Aboriginal Plan Gippsland HACC Services Workshops and Action Plan Review of the Elders Day Care Program and Services Best Practice Guidelines and Strategies for Improving Access to Aged Care Assessment Services for Aboriginal People in Victoria
Aboriginal Communities and Issues (27)
Evaluation of the Indigenous Youth Leadership Program Why Healing is a Good Investment for Business Research Project Community Engagement Plan Strategic Plan and Workshops Evaluation of School External Partnerships (NSW) Victorian Aboriginal Inclusion Framework (consultations, report and presentations) Indigenous Regional and Statewide Forums on Aboriginal issues (Chair and Facilitation) Bringing them Home Worker Induction Kit Bringing them Home Worker Forums x 5 (Facilitation/Outcomes Report) Develop Standards for Indigenous Languages in the LOTE Domain Statewide Indigenous Language Policy in Victoria MAYA Structural and Financial Review of Operations Develop a Service Model (Report) Fund Raising Strategy and Action Plan to develop the Moondani Aboriginal Family Centre Develop KHT Strategic Plan and Facilitation of Planning Workshops Review of Administrative Functions and Operations of VAHS Community Development Forum and Action Plan Community Development and Planning National Indigenous Money Management Agenda: Community Consultations Qualitative Research Project to identify strategies to progress SGV’s vision to support and address health and welfare of Victoria’s Stolen Generations Facilitating Asset-based Community Planning with Victorian Indigenous Communities Studies of the Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme (ITAS) and Whole of School Initiative (WoSI) Submission Writing Reconciliation Action Plan and Indigenous Protocols (consultations and report) Evaluate and revise the Bringing Them Home and Link Up Program Manuals – national Community Forums, Workshops and Reports for establishment of the Traditional Healing Centre Evaluation of the Bringing Them Home and Indigenous Mental Health Programs (report published)
Local Governnment (13)
Indigenous Action Plan (consultations and report) Stonnington Indigenous Curriculum Project Stonnington Reconciliation Action Plan Review the Indigenous Policy and Consultation Report Indigenous Heritage Study – Stage One with Context Consulting Pty Ltd Future Operations and Directions Strategy – Indigenous Advisory Committees Indigenous Protocols and Guidelines for Community Consultations Guidelines for working with the Indigenous Policy Unit of City of Melbourne Indigenous Advisory Panels Project Review of Reconciliation Victoria’s Funding and Service Agreement Indigenous Profile of the City of Melbourne Indigenous Social and Economic Development Framework Indigenous Arts Advisory Panel Workshop and Report
Reports and Extracts Published (5)
Land, Biodiversity and Fire Indigenous consultation Workshops Report River Red Gum Forests Investigation (Part One & Part Two) Prevention of alcohol-related harms in Victoria’s Koori communities – suite of reports & fact sheets (Prevention Research Quarterly, April 2009) Victorian Indigenous Family Violence Task Force Report (2008) Wurreker: A guide for Local Government Councils in Victoria (September 1998)
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