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Aboriginal Consultancy

Karen Milward Consulting is an Aboriginal-owned and operated Aboriginal business consultancy offering cross-cultural services to Indigenous and non Indigenous organisations and individuals; specialising in consulting, training and facilitation.

We provide:

  • Cultural awareness programs and competence training
  • Social research - evaluation and reviews, surveys and audits
  • Facilitation and training
  • Advice on cultural issues for projects and policy development
  • Community and government consultations


Professional consulting services include the development of service models, qualitative and quantitative social research, survey design, data analysis and review, evaluations and reviews, cultural audits and authoring complex reports.

Karen Milward Consulting provides project, policy and program management and prepares strategic, business and community plans, communications strategies and feasibility studies.

Karen and her team of Aboriginal and non Aboriginal consultants complete extensive community and stakeholder consultations and provide the highest standard of social research through the provision of high level, complex reports.

Karen Milward Consulting has successfully established several Aboriginal organisations supported by the development of operational and service models and has been at the forefront of Aboriginal board and staff development, employment and career development programs including mentoring of Aboriginal people and leadership assessment and development.


Karen Milward Consulting has organised and delivered over 500 Aboriginal cultural competency and cultural awareness training programs, including mentoring programs and governance training Australia-wide.

Training programs provide participants with a guided environment in which to learn about Aboriginal cultural protocols, history and heritage with the objective of facilitating better communication and understanding between Indigenous and non Indigenous people in business, the workplace and community settings.

Karen specialises in providing clients of Aboriginal clients with community, business and strategic development, leadership and governance training.


Karen Milward Consulting provides workshop facilitation across all issues and interests of a social or business nature relating to Aboriginal people, at all levels of community, business and government.

Karen is a well known and highly skilled and experienced consultant, facilitating positive outcomes for her clients.

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