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                    Workshop at Koorie Heritage Trust.

Indigenous Clients

  • Leadership, Policy and Partnerships
  • Governance
  • Community Development & Strategic Planning
  • Community Forums and Meetings
  • Service and Program Model Development

Non Indigenous Clients 

  • Aboriginal Cultural Heritage
  • Aboriginal Cultural awareness and cultural competence
  • Working with Aboriginal people
  • Aboriginal Engagement
  • Aboriginal Service Delivery
  • Aboriginal Community Issues

Training covers, and is not limited to, the above topic areas


Karen Milward Consulting offers training for the public and private sectors. Training programs offer in-depth cross-cultural understanding to both Aboriginal organisations and non Aboriginal organisations and individuals.

Our training programs engage each participant in a process of cross-cultural learning. The aim of each program is to equip students with the knowledge required to better deal with working with and within both Aboriginal and non Aboriginal communities.

Equiping people with cross-cultural knowledge and skills better prepares them for their work and business engagements. We have found that this kind of training is incredibly effective in promoting healthier outcomes for workplaces and communities.

Workshops typically range from 1-2 days and can be delivered onsite at the client's place of business, Aboriginal organisation venue or an external venue. All training is tailored to the specific needs of each organisation.

Karen's training sessions can be conducted in a formal or informal setting, employing techniques such presentations, group discussions, practical exercises and feedback.

Groups of between 10 and 30 participants provide the most effective training environment.

Over Alice Slice
Aerial view of Alice Springs